Formerly official journal of the Italian Society of Integrated Diagnostic in Urology, Andrology, Nephrology (S.I.E.U.N), Advances in Urological Diagnosis and Imaging (AUDI) is a four-monthly, free of charge, open-access online journal focusing on diagnostics, clinical and treatment according to surgery- and evidence-based medicine in Urology, Andrology and Nephrology.

Advances in Urological Diagnosis and Imaging publishes original articles very close to clinical practice, to give the younger generation of specialists a worldwide platform fully directed to enhance their diagnostic and clinical experience, to share, not exclusively on rare cases.

More experienced specialists can also find in AUDI a tool to share their point of view by teaching their methods of dealing with and solving patients’ clinical case problems.

Advances in Urological Diagnosis and Imaging promotes and disseminates among worldwide specialists the real-world experience in diagnostic and clinical practice in Urology, Andrology, Nephrology, Pathology and Radiology.

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